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This blog is my story. I have created it for posterity, as some of my early memories are of a way of life that many of my peers have forgotten, and the younger generations will never experience. I hope the reader enjoys it, and will be encouraged to write their own story. Once you have gone, your memories go with you and can never be recaptured unless you write them down.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Chapter 3: Singer Sewing machines.

A recent post on another blog has prompted me to add a post about my memories of our sewing machines at home when I was growing up. Mum had a Singer Treadle machine but I never saw her use it, as since she had the stroke that paralysed her right side, she was unable to use the machine without the use of both hands. So it gathered dust until I learnt to sew while I was at school. When I started making my own clothes, Dad suggested to Mum that they scrap the old treadle machine and buy me a modern electric one. I was used to the treadle, but I was excited to have the latest model Singer Hushmatic! It was a pale green colour, and the cover clipped on to the base when it wasn't in use, making it completely portable.

It took a while to get used to the electric pedal, as only a light touch would set the machine going at a furious pace! One day I was feeding fabric through, and my index finger was under the needle. I must have stepped on the pedal too soon, because the needle came down right through my nail and finger, pinning my hand to the machine. My scream was loud enough to wake the dead! Dad came over and said "Now just calm down. All you need to do is draw the needle back up again". I was petrified with fright and whimpered like a baby for the few seconds it took for Dad to ease the needle out of my finger. He bathed it in Dettol, and amazingly there were no ill-effects apart from it being painful for a few days.

That machine was purchased new about 1962 and I still have it today in 2006. I don't make my clothes any more, but I wouldn't be without it to do repairs and alterations. It only does straight and zigzag stitch, but that's all I need.


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